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CEMP & Facility Tracking

This innovative software application provides an electronic solution to existing Healthcare Facilities throughout the State of Florida. Its main focus is to facilitate the submission of the annual Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) required from each one of these facilities to the corresponding agencies.  

The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (ACHA) requires Medical Facilities to have a CEMP updated and reviewed annually. The ACHA office no longer accepts paper submissions and this is the main reason why this solution came into existence. 

The HEMP application will help you collect and review the required documentation requested by the ACHA office. In addition, it offers a safe and reliable way of notifying each Healthcare Facility, by automatically sending email notifications to the Facility Staff (Administrator) every time a review action is taken. It greatly reduces time and user error by automating the paper and manual workflow.

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Password Protected

The Upload page contains a Submission Form that can be fully customized. The Upload Form is password protected and it can be configured by the Administrator.


Upload Form Designer

The Upload Form can be customized to meet the County CEMP specific requirements. It can display the Facilities, Contact Information, Submission Status, and much more.


Email Templates

The Email Templates are highly customizable and can be used to send automatic email notifications, reducing the time and effort it takes to collect each Facility's contact information.

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